Sewing Room has Returned

Well after an exhaustive weekend I now have a sewing room. Still some tweaks to be made but it is only a couple of hours away to be fully functional. It took pretty much the two full days to get there and that’s partly (… well mostly if truth be told) because I had to do a complete clean and sort of heaps of uni stuff, bits and bobs as well as four bookcases.  It’s amazing how much you collect over the years and how much dust it attracts!

So while we are both pretty sore and tired tonight, I now have a sewing room and my dear husband has a pretty good looking study! … Had I forgotten to mention that this was a complete room swap? My old study (which for the last three months had been a baby’s nursery) was swapping with my husband’s study and transforming from a study into a sewing room!

So to bed … I’ve had a nice hot shower and need to rest these weary but happy bones. I can now dream of my first sewing projects!  But I now have a lovely spacious room with lots of light.

New Sewing Room 1 New Sewing Room 2

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