Where Does the Time Go?

I don’t know about you but there is just not enough time in the day. So many plans, so little time! And then I read an article today about minimalism and it got me thinking. Our lives become so complicated and we put too much pressure on ourselves to achieve: be the best wife, mum, employee let alone person. I too easily work long hours and then wonder why I’m tired each night when I get home and just drop in front of the TV and then into bed. Sound familiar?

And what’s it all for? Things? And usually things we just don’t need or could be held onto a little longer before replacing.

Last weekend I noticed that it was not the things that brought me joy. Watching my grandson play soccer, having dinner with my son and his family, enjoying each other’s company, watching the joy on my granddaughter’s face when blowing out her birthday candles and then the sparkle in a baby’s eyes when you pick her up and cuddle her. This is what makes life a joy!

Admittedly we need to work and pay our bills but we need to be able to balance…. Life’s too short.

Anyway a quiet night tonight and an early one. So tomorrow I’ll work hard but then leave at a reasonable time. And who knows I might just get stuck into my next sewing project 🙂 I have some beautiful Christmas fabric that will making some lovely little outfits for the girls!!!!

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