Moving onto the Next Project

Ok I have now finished the 3 rompers and the 3 Eva dresses.  Each of the little girls like them and I’m happy with the results.  The problem with making things as a surprise is that you don’t get to try on before you finish.  While the dresses fit very well, I’ve noticed that the girls need to stand very straight with arms pointing over their heads to get them on; it’s a bit tight in the shoulders.  Once on they are fine.  It’s going to be interesting to see how I can adjust to cater for this.

Oh well journeys always have some bumps!

So onto next project and this will be Xmas dresses for the 3 girls and 2 babies.  I bought some beautiful Xmas fabric from my favourite patchwork store, Calico Patch at Gold Creek, and will be making 5 little dresses following the Shirred Dress tutorial courtesy of Jorth’s blog:

Xmas fabric

The one thing I really enjoyed with the Eva dresses was the shirring on the pockets; first time I shirred and am wanting to do more!  I did the first one yesterday for one of the baby girls (6 weeks old), so very tiny and very cute.

Meaghan's Xmas Dress 2013

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