Time Flies … and then there’s a new year

Surprisingly Xmas and the summer holidays have passed and its now February, children are back at school, people are back to work, and those routines are back in play.  That time flies so quickly

While I’ve got new projects planned for the new year it’s nice to look back on the projects that I finished in the past year.  2021 ended with a mad rush to make 5 (yes 5) queen size quilts for Christmas gifts.  I must be mad!!  But it gave me great joy to see their surprised faces.

Of note is the launch of my website and online shop: What Would Hazel Do.   This has been an aspiration for some time.  A big thank you to Jem Jones Photography & Design for the design and build; it’s beautiful.  Check it out and keep an eye on that shop over coming weeks.

Well, here’s hoping for a happy, healthy, and productive 2022

Happy Sewing!

A Productive Year

As many have experienced there’s been times this past year or so when we’ve been at home more than usual.  Besides my dear husband, my favourite companion during this time has been my new sewing machine; she’s a beauty!  As a consequence, I completed a goal that I’ve had for some time – a quilt for each of my grandchildren.  By the end of this 12-month period those with the most recent birthdays knew what was coming!! 

It’s been an exciting journey deciding on colours and patterns to suit those individual personalities and favourite stories, characters, hobbies or sports.  And it’s also given me the opportunity to improve my skills and even my speed to complete.  Happily I’ve unpicked less than I did 12 months ago.

I hope you enjoy this selection and you may notice than Harry Potter is a favourite of a few.

Celebrating Your Mum on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is only a short time away and if you are like me, you often struggle to find the right gift for her.  As a mum myself I always enjoy those quiet moments of peace so why not add to that moment with a nice cup of tea and a bickie with an added touch of Gumnut Baby nostalgia.

They’ll be available for sale at the Broke Village Market this coming weekend.  Come and visit us and check out our other offerings.

Turn of the Seasons

The slow but certain turn towards winter is underway – the evenings are shorter; the nights are cooler; and daylight saving is about to end.  The time is upon us to curl up under our favourite quilt and read a good book, watch a favourite movie, or have a cosy snuggle.

Need a new quilt?? Check out these beauties that I’ll have for sale at the Broke Twilight Market this coming weekend.  Contact me if you would like to snap up one up for yourself this winter.

What Would Hazel Do?

Broke Village Market

New Experiences

I’m entering new territory in a few weeks’ time by having my first market stall.  So the past few weeks have been filled with lots of quilt making and other sewing activities; thank goodness for family dinners so that I can focus on something different!!  It’s an exciting time and it’s good to have some new experiences.

Big thank you to Jem Jones Photography for designing my signage and to my family for the encouragement to give this a go.

Here are some samples of some of my wares that will be available for sale at the Easter Twilight Market in Broke NSW.  Check out the Broke Village Market on Facebook.


I’ve had two revelations this week.

Firstly, up until this week I’ve basted my quilt sandwich by hand, crawling around on the floor with pins and tape securing the elements.  This would take ages to get the result I wanted. This week I discovered the wonders of basting spray.  Oh my what a wonderful thing.  It came together so quickly and there no pins or sore knees.

Secondly, I discovered that if I go slower I actually finish sooner.  Sounds bizarre I know but especially when using a walking foot, slow and steady wins the race and has a better finish as well

So yes, I’ve been amazed this week and am getting a better product as a result.

Always learning!!

Clearing Out the Stockpile

All sewers have a stash of fabrics; some big, some overwhelming.  For me it’s time to clear it out and make some space and bring some cosy comfort to someone.  Here are a few snaps of some quilting projects that I’ve just started, and I can’t believe that these gorgeous fabrics have been in hiding for so long. 

Stay tuned for progress updates over the coming weeks as I finish these and commence some others.

My New Sewing Friend

As many would appreciate our shape changes over the years and we find that a pattern needs to be tweaked more than it used to be. Gone is the day when I could whip up a pattern in an afternoon and only adjust the length.  While sewing skills improve over time, I still struggle with adjustments for a full bust and curvy hips.  But I now have a new friend, Hazel, who has come to the rescue.

Hazel is such a help, she tries on items any number of times without grumbling and doesn’t mind if it’s in various stages of construction or if she gets stuck with pins. Hazel is my new self-made custom dress-form.

I’d been thinking of a dress-form for some time and while I had considered a duct-tape version, I thought that there had to be something better. I came across the Bootstrap version when wandering through some favourite sewing U-Tube videos and felt encouraged to give it a go.

The process is quite straight forward. You select the type you want, enter in multiple measurements and, in my case, 20 minutes later I had a custom pattern for my own body double.  The sewing took some time and the instructions are long but not difficult.  Hazel sits very proudly in my sewing room and has been a great help with projects since.

If you are considering doing the same, below are the You-Tube videos that inspired me to give it a go and a link to the site. And before you ask I haven’t been sponsored; just sharing a good find with fellow sewers.  Enjoy!


The construction process

Filling out her curves

Standing tall ready for action















How to Make


How to Make Detailed