One of those Special Days

I’m having the day off work today.  I have a tradesman here this morning and of course that’s why I’m at home ;)!! But being a person that doesn’t miss an opportune time to sew it’s a perfect day.  I started my 2nd romper during the week and will get that finished today plus another little dress for my 3rd 3 year old g-daughter.  Once I get some measurements from the 2nd 3yo I’ll get that one going as well.  They are delightful little girls and they enjoy being together so much; I really enjoy their giggles as only little girls can do.

So off to the machine in my beautiful sewing room – have a great day.

It’s Really Only Spring

With the way the weather has been and the awful fires continuing to burn across New South Wales, you could be forgiven for thinking that summer had arrived a couple of months early. But this weekend was just beautiful spring weather here in Canberra. I love days just like the one we had today.We went out to Spotlight this morning and got a few pieces that I needed. We cooked a lovely lunch and saw a good movie this evening; About Time. And I still managed to get some sewing in yesterday!

I made a lovely little romper for one of the g-daughters. It’s all but finished – just need to try it on her to adjust the elastic. I made it with some lovely voile I got in my last batch from Kelani Fabrics, it’s very pretty with turtles on it; The Birds & the Bees Ladybug Sky voile.  I also got to test out my new bias binding maker, very cool. Anyone need some pink bias binding! Got plenty!

Starling Romper

The pattern is Starling Girls Romper from and it made up very nicely. I’ll make it again for the other little girls. The perfect project to knock over in an afternoon and perfect for the beginner. So with the Eva dress from last weekend that’s one 4 year old’s birthday taken care of.

Pretty happy with yet another productive week and some great results.


Don’t You Just Love It?

The first of the granddaughter dresses is finished!! Feeling very pleased as it worked out beautifully.  This is my first reversible dress and my first effort at shirring: both worked out very well.  Onto the next one 🙂

The Eva Dress is a PDF pattern for a reversible dress that I bought from Angel Lea Designs –  My first experience with a PDF pattern; I’m a bit old-school and tend to use the store bought tissue patterns.  I found the instructions excellent with great photos to follow.  It’s for size range 6 months to 6 years and I made the size 5.  I followed the pattern exactly except for the shirring on the pockets; I gave it a 3rd row for extra strength.  A really nice pattern that I will use again.  By following exactly and pressing religiously it all came together very well.


The fabric I bought from Kelani Fabrics – – the first side in Alexander Henry’s Lupe Multi and the second side in Alexander Henry’s Vivienne Stripe Blush.  Both cotton, the fabrics handled really well and pressed up nicely.

Unfortunately the photos don’t do it justice; the pockets are really cute but hard to see in the photo but I am just thrilled with the results.  I just need to tie the shoulder straps a little better!


Don’t You Love a Productive Weekend

After several evenings of hand stitching and some tired eyes, I have finally finished my #1 grandson’s quilt. The end result is very pleasing; the pattern looks good, the quilt is square and the machine quilting isn’t too bad. It now needs a wash before I give it to him and I can enjoy it for a few days beforehand.

With the much appreciated assistance from my dear husband we made a padded cutting board for my sewing room. I wanted something to protect the desk top that I’m using as my cutting and preparation table. So we bought a large piece of board, 3 cutting mats, batting and fabric. We glued it altogether and viola … a reversible cutting/padded table top! It looks so fabulous and was put to an immediate test drive!

And then there was my 3rd accomplishment for the weekend. I got the first of the dresses for my granddaughters started. I need to pickup some shirring elastic today for the pockets and should be able to finish this first one tonight.

What a great start to the week! Shame I have to go to work for the next 5 days!

The Last Bit To Go

I find with quilting that it is hard to maintain the interest in a job with so much work. I love the patchwork piecing and bringing the design of the top together but putting the quilting sandwich together well is a tricky and cumbersome activity. I also prefer to hand quilt, which seems a bit contrary when I’m now at the stage where I just want it finished. I think a quilt can be a bit like a long term houseguest: so welcome and exciting when they arrive but if they stay too long you equally welcome their departure. My last couple of quilts, unlike my last few house guests, have been like this.

So last year I planned to make quilts for my grand-twins (is that a word?) for their 10th birthday! I made a beautiful quilt for my granddaughter made of Japanese cottons and it turned out beautifully just in time for her 11th birthday! And she loves it which is the great reward.

But I didn’t quite get there for her twin brother :(. It was only at the tacked together stage on the day. I struggled on … and this is while I’m working from my cramped little sewing corner …. and got the quilting finished (by now opting for machine in the ditch quilting). And my first task performed in my new sewing room was to attach the binding … The first side anyway. So over the next couple of evenings I shall happily spend hand-sewing the binding into its final position, the final touch before delivery. Here’s hoping!

Sewing Room Test Run

I gave my new room a short test run last night.  Soooo good!  I got the binding attached to a quilt I’m doing for my oldest grandson. It was so much easier being able to spread out and have the quilt supported by my desk space rather than juggling the bulk of it on my lap. This is going to work really well. I’ve now got plenty of work space for pattern laying and cutting, good light and even room for the ironning board.

Sewing Room has Returned

Well after an exhaustive weekend I now have a sewing room. Still some tweaks to be made but it is only a couple of hours away to be fully functional. It took pretty much the two full days to get there and that’s partly (… well mostly if truth be told) because I had to do a complete clean and sort of heaps of uni stuff, bits and bobs as well as four bookcases.  It’s amazing how much you collect over the years and how much dust it attracts!

So while we are both pretty sore and tired tonight, I now have a sewing room and my dear husband has a pretty good looking study! … Had I forgotten to mention that this was a complete room swap? My old study (which for the last three months had been a baby’s nursery) was swapping with my husband’s study and transforming from a study into a sewing room!

So to bed … I’ve had a nice hot shower and need to rest these weary but happy bones. I can now dream of my first sewing projects!  But I now have a lovely spacious room with lots of light.

New Sewing Room 1 New Sewing Room 2

Return of the Sewing Room

After a long absence and following the departure of some long term house guests, this weekend with some spousal support I shall be setting up my sewing room. At last I will have a dedicated space that’s bigger than a corner in the bedroom.

Old Sewing Corner

This comes just in time as some beautiful fabrics have arrived in the post. With Xmas and the warmer months on our doorstep, it’s time to do little dresses for my small granddaughters. I’ve found some wonderful PDF patterns for reversible dresses that I’m sure they will love.

So hopefully tomorrow I’ll have made some progress and maybe have a photo to share.