Time Flies … and then there’s a new year

Surprisingly Xmas and the summer holidays have passed and its now February, children are back at school, people are back to work, and those routines are back in play.  That time flies so quickly While I’ve got new projects planned for the new year it’s nice to look back on the projects that I finishedContinue reading “Time Flies … and then there’s a new year”

Borrowing from our Children

Up until the industrial revolution, the pace of change in the world had been fairly sedate.  Since then and in particular since the end of World War II this pace accelerated and continues to accelerate. I think upon the lifetime of Hazel, born at a time of horse and buggy and corsets; when Banjo PattersonContinue reading “Borrowing from our Children”

The Elephants are up to Mischief Again!

When I’m not sewing I do enjoy visits from my grand children.  But sometimes they leave things being after their visits; I’m sure this happens with other grand parents as well! Recently one of my grand daughters left behind her precious ring.  It was left under a chair after she left. The sparkly elephant found itContinue reading “The Elephants are up to Mischief Again!”

Special Time: Family Time

The past two weekends have been special because both of them have centred on family events.  We had a special birthday last weekend which resulted in the coming together of all my brothers and sister for the first time in over 5 years.  We gathered together on the NSW Central Coast with us coming fromContinue reading “Special Time: Family Time”